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Ami i jep fund kureshtjes së të gjithëve: Ky është sekreti i bukurisë

Ami puts an end to everyone’s curiosity: This is her beauty secret

If there’s anything which all girls envy Amarda Toska about, is the freshness and youthfulness of her skin, despite the years. In fact, years seem to have eventually given up on her and, no matter how much we don’t like that, that’s something we have to accept.

Or, we should probably enjoy the good news Amarda has for us! Because, at least, now, the well-known entrepreneur has shared with us the secret of her fresh appearance.

From a long time, Ami has been working to bring to the market a product line for skin and hair care.

“Ami’s Beauty” is the newest brand in the beauty products market, which was born of the vision of its founder, Amarda Toska. The company, founded from the necessity and the need for such clean products, brings novelty in the beauty industry.

In these products, there are powerful ingredients integrated in combinations and concentrations that work in every type of hair and skin.

The manufacture and formula of these products is carried out in collaboration with the best factories in Europe and it gives absolute assurance and guarantee for the “Ami’s Beauty” products.

The “Premium Quality” products are manufactured in Italy, dermatologically and clinically tested. They are also certified by the Italian Ministry of Health. This fact supports the highest quality standard in the product line for hair and skin care.

In a special event dedicated thoroughly to her new project, Ami has presented the “Ami’s Beauty” products, whioch you can easily find in this website.

From moisturizing & anti-aging creams, shampoos, masks and other specific products, here you will be able to find everything that suits your skin & hair type.

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